ACR at ABA White Collar Crime
February 23, 2022

ACR at ABA White Collar Crime
Next week, many members of the anti-corruption bar will be convening at the ABA’s 37th National Institute on White Collar Crime in San Francisco. The Anti Corruption Report’s senior editorial team will be attending, and we are excited to catch up with our community in person.

There is no shortage of topics we are eager to hear about from the many distinguished speakers and attendees as we head into the second quarter of 2022, such as how both enforcement officials and the defense bar are reacting to the Monaco Memo and its direction to consider prior misconduct, its potential rollback on individuals and cooperation, and its potential change in the monitorship analysis. We are also excited to hear about the implications of the emphasis on gatekeeper accountability; the role of data analytics in compliance; cryptocurrency regulation and enforcement; the impact of ESG on enforcement; and more.

Of course, we also look forward to learning more about the Biden administration’s anti-corruption efforts after 2021’s developments, including the United States Strategy for Countering Corruption released in December. Perhaps there will even be some further information about the new Russian sanctions regime, which could impact many U.S. companies.

Let us know what you would like to hear about at the conference. If you are attending and would like to catch up, you can email me, or reach out to me or Megan Zwiebel on LinkedIn.  

Looking forward to seeing some of you soon.

Rebecca Hughes Parker
Global Editor in Chief
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