ACR Brief: AI Compliance and AI in Compliance 
April 20, 2022

AI Compliance and AI in Compliance 
At last week’s International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP) Global Summit in Washington, D.C., which was bursting with an estimated 4,500 attendees, AI was one of the topics du jour. It was the most pitched topic for panels in advance of the conference, IAPP vice president and chief knowledge officer Caitlin Fennessy told us. Everybody across compliance is grappling with understanding its technical aspects, she said. 

For compliance officers, AI can be an invaluable tool to enhance a compliance program, if used correctly. The DOJ and SEC have become more facile with data analytics, and they expect more of compliance programs when it comes to the use of data. We walk through the process of making AI a part of a compliance program step by step in our series on AI for compliance professionals, laying out the foundations, explaining how to build a model, and discussing different ways to solve a common problem – asymmetric data sets. We also provide case studies from AB InBev, Microsoft and Google on how they implemented AI in their compliance programs.

AI, and its misuse, is also a focus of many regulatory agencies. “As the world becomes more complex and we use more data and train more AI, what constitutes the algorithm and the ill-gotten gains can be hard to spot,” FTC Commissioner Noah Phillips said on a panel at the IAPP event. Fennessy noted that a significant concern among compliance professionals is ensuring both compliance and fairness. Our AI Compliance Playbook addresses that head on, distilling traditional risk controls for AI as well as strategies for answering seven questions about corporate use of AI before regulators or reporters ask. We also have a checklist summarizing the playbook.

What is your company’s or your clients’ approach to AI both in compliance and in the company more generally? Let us know about your biggest challenges and what you are hoping to do in the future.

Rebecca Hughes Parker
Global Editor in Chief

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